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High-quality surveying tools in Yarm

Here at Cliff Addison Drainage Ltd, we use the latest surveying tools for any land drainage project we undertake to ensure a professional service.

The Trimble WM-Topo

The Trimble-Topo is a mobile way of measuring three-dimensional topographic data specifically designed for water management specialists. The WM-Topo uses Trimble’s GPS receiver and a Nomad handheld device to collect data directly from the field. This is a primarily handheld device, but can also be attached to an ATV for quick and easy surveying of large fields. To find out more details, call us today on 01642 782 702 or 07860 462 900. Based in Yarm, we offer our services to customers throughout the North East.
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Benefits of the Trimble WM-Topo

  • Can be attached to an ATV allowing for quick and easy surveying of large fields
  • Can be easily used to measure existing outlets or drainage systems along with measuring the depths of existing ditches
  • The fields can be surveyed while a crop is growing, allowing for minimal damage
  • It can collect three-dimensional topographic data on foot, allowing for data to be collected in areas inaccessible to vehicles
Take a look at some of the surveying tools we use for our land drainage projects.
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Once all the drainage work is completed the WM-Topo can be used to collect accurate data on where all the drains are located in the final drainage plan. The WM-Topo system can be used in conjunction with the Mastenbroek 30/20 Trimble GPS mapping system for developing and producing accurate final plans. Speak to a member of our team today to find out more information.

We also undertake a complete a range of drainage services for customers across Yarm and the North East.
We only use top-quality surveying tools for land drainage work, get in touch with Cliff Addison Drainage Ltd on
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